Who we are?

Nirvaan Management Consultancy is founded in 2005 by renowned consultancy professionals in India. It,s an independent market research agency offering high quality marketing research, analysis and consulting services across India. In a very short time span today Nirvaan is a leading market research services provider company in the region.

Nirvaan works exclusively with companies looking for a personal guide through the varied cultures in India and the Asia Pacific, helping them to connect with the local populace and delivering a unique perspective on the market situation. At Nirvaans it is our pleasure to provide not only the best research services possible, but also the best in personalized client care services to you.

We build a lasting relationship with you, instead of seeing you as just another business deal. Since our inception, we have established many friends among international companies by acting as their personal chauffer through the Indian and Asia Pacific Markets. Through our always expanding exclusive research network, currently spanning 100 cities within India along with affiliated partners across the region, we will always help you reach your target market.